UniMill (Technoorg Linda) ion mill

for making ultrathin samples for transmission electron microscopy studies


Main specifications:

-        two, independent Ar+ ion sources: a high-energy gun with 2 – 16 keV and a low-energy gun with 100 eV – 2 keV energy range;

-        the high-energy gun is used for fast thinning of specimens;

-        with the low-energy gun the speciemn surface can be cleaned and polished (the amorphous or damaged layer can be removed that forms during high-energy milling);

-        the angle between the Ar+ ion beam and the specimen surface is adjustable, the specimen can be rotated and tilted; 

-        automatic, computer-controlled operation;

-        digital camera for monitoring thinning at 50 – 400x magnification;

-        liquid nitrogen cooling system for the thinning of beam-sensitive specimens.