PowerTome-PCZ (RMC) ultramicrotome

for the preparation of electron-beam-transparent, semi- and ultrathin (5 nm) sections of biological and other "soft" materials for transmission electron microscopy studies.



Main specifications:

  • high stability mechanical driving system, manually operated, high precision knife holder;
  • automatic operation, real-time video output during cutting; 
  • ergonomical stereo microscope;
  • automatic thin sectioning from 0 nm;
  • automatic thick sectioning from 15 μm;
  • cutting speed from 0.05 to 100 mm/s at 0.1 mm/s steps, with digital display;
  • automatic sample feed;
  • glass and diamond knives;
  • cryo chamber for low-temperature cutting in the  -10 és -180 oC temperature range.