Chemistry - Research Themes in Nanolab


Nanolab staff members work on their own research projects within the Environmental Mineralogy (EnvMin) Research Group - their research topics can be found here.


The themes below were brought to Nanolab by external users. Some of the topics overlap with the interests of EnvMin members; in these cases members of the EnvMin group are involved in the research, performing tasks beyond simple measurement service. 


Institution Research Group

Group Leader

(theme initiator)

University of Pannonia, Faculty of Engineering Institute of Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry Erzsébet Szabó Bárdos Characterization of TiO2 nanocrystals
Lajos Fodor Sizes and compositions of CdS and ZnS nanoparticles
Institute of Chemistry, Organic Chemistry Rita Skoda Földes  Noble metal and spinel catalysts, functionalized silica nanoparticles 
József Bakos, Gergely Farkas Ru nanoparticles
Research Center for Natural Sciences (TTK) Biological Nanochemistry Research Group Zoltán Varga Characterization of nanoparticles applied in medical diagnostics