Materials Sciences / Nanotechnology - Research Themes in Nanolab


Nanolab staff members work on their own research projects within the Environmental Mineralogy (EnvMin) Research Group - their research topics can be found here.


The themes below were brought to Nanolab by external users. Some of the topics overlap with the interests of EnvMin members; in these cases members of the EnvMin group are involved in the research, performing tasks beyond simple measurement service. 


Institution  Research Group

Group Leader

(theme initiator)

University of Pannonia, Faculty of Engineering Institute of Materials and Mechanical Engineering Éva Kristóf Makó  Structure and morphology of delaminated kaolinite nanoscrolls 
Institute of Environmental Engineering Erzsébet Horváth, Balázs Zsirka Kaolinite nanostructures
Institute of Chemical Engineering Csilla Varga Additives and their distribution in rubber composites
Institute of Environmental Engineering Tatyána Juzsakova Magnenite particles coated by silica, red mud components
Institute of Environmental Engineering Norbert Miskolczi Morphologies and structures of carbon nanotubes

University of Pannonia, Research Institute of Biomolecular and Chemical Engineering 

Bio-nanosystems Research Lab Ferenc Vonderviszt, Georgina Huszti Nagy Study of genetically modified bacterial filaments and their composites with other materials
Functional Nanoparticles Research Lab Tivadar Feczkó Morphology and composition of drug carrier nanoparticles
Chemical and Biochemical Procedures Research Lab Endre Nagy, Imre Hegedűs Properties of polymeric drug carriers
Research Centre of Natural Sciences, Institute of Materials and Environmental Chemistry Biological Nanochemistry Research Group Zoltán Varga Uni- and multimellar vesicles - structure and size
Functional Interfaces Research Group Zsófia Keresztes Gold nanoparticles
  Plasmachemistry Research Group Zoltán Károly Composition and structure of nanoparticles
University of Miskolc Institute of Chemistry László Vanyorek Ferrite and carbon nanoparticles
Research Centre for Energy Science, Institute of Materials Science and Technical Physics Thin Film Department Viktória Kovács Kis  Apatite and other phosphate nanostructures
Max Planck Institute for Colloids and Surfaces, Golm, Germany Biomineralization Research Group Lucas Kuhrts, Damien Faivre Morphological characterization of magnetite mesocrystals