Principles and fees of lab use


1. Goals of the lab

        • Serving internal users (University of Pannonia) who need solid material characterization for their research;
        • providing regional and national lab service to external academic users, both from universities and research institutes;
        • providing measurement service to profit-oriented organizations (companies).

2. Operation of the lab

        • Nanolab staff will do the measurements for external and episodic users.
        • For those who wish to become independent users, we provide training on the particular instrument (TEM, ultramictome, ion mill); user licenses are issued by the lab manager, after a successful demonstration of skills.
        • The lab manager has the right to suspend user licenses.
        • For registered Nanolab users (please sign up here) we maintain a Facebook group for instrument booking and communication.
        • Nanolab charges a fee for every measurement session – please see the fee schedule below.

3. Fees

The table below refers to services provided in the building of Nanolab. The Apreo SEM instrument is run by the Materials Engineering Institute, Faculty of Engineering (building C, 3rd floor) - for information in its use, please contact the staff of the Institute.

       Type of activity Type of research
 Unit       Internal (UP), non-profit External, non-profit For-profit
Net fee (in thousand HUF, without VAT)
Specimen preparation    grid specimen from drop of suspension pc 4 4 4
grid specimen from drop of suspension with staining (biological specimens) pc 8 8 8
ion milling (mechanical sample preparation, embedding,  grinding, polishing, thinning, carbon coating) pc 50 70 95

utramicrotomy (mechanical preparation of embedded  specimens, cutting, carbon coating)

pc 50 70 95
TEM measurement   general TEM/STEM/EDS measurements hr 15 30 80
3D electron tomography tilt series pc 25 50 100
Interpretation and reporting  interpretation and reporting of general TEM/STEM/EDS measurements hr 10 10

included in TEM fee, except in special cases (e.g., particle size analysis or other labor-intensive tasks: 10/hr)

 interpretation of 3D tomographic tilt series, visualization hr 10 10 10


4. Acknowledgements

If you publish results that were fully or partially obtained in Nanolab, please include the following or similar text in the Acknowledgements section: 

"TEM/SEM studies were performed at the electron microscopy laboratory of the University of Pannonia, established using grant no. GINOP-2.3.3-15-2016-0009 from the European Structural and Investments Funds and the Hungarian Government." 

(If grant numbers cannot be listed, please mention that TEM studies were performed in Nanolab at the University of Pannonia.)

We kindly ask you to send us a digital copy (preferably a pdf file) of published work that uses results from Nanolab.