Talos F200X G2 electron microscope

The Talos can be operated in conventional transmission (TEM) and scanning transmission (STEM) modes.  Imaging, diffraction, and elemental analysis can be performed simultaneously, providing complex structural and compositional information about almost any solid material, down to atomic resolution.

Important features:

- suitable for obtaining atomic resolution (0.12 nm) TEM images and structural analysis using electron diffraction;

- in addition to the conventional transmission (TEM) mode, the instrument can be operated in STEM mode (based on the scanning of a focused electron beam), at 0.135 nm point resolution; 

- a four-detector energy-dispersive X-ray microanalysis system (with the detectors built into the microscope column) makes quantitative elemental analysis and fast elemental mapping possible; 

- the microscope has a field-emission gun (X-FEG), producing a focused electron beam with less than 0.15 nm, making the instrument capable of atomic-resolution elemental mapping; 

- special specimen holders and softwares for tomographic analysis of 3D morphologies and compositions on the nm scale.




Accelerating voltage: 
- in the 20 kV – 200 kV range, typically used at 200 kV.

Electron gun: 
- high brightness, X-FEG field emission gun, brightness 1.8×109 A/cm2 srad (@ 200 kV);
- ≥ 50 nA beam current; 
- at 1 nm beam diameter 1.5 nA probe current; 
- beam can be focused down to 0.4 nm bema diameter.

Electron optics: 
- constant current, X-TWIN objective lens, providing rotation-free imaging; 
- automatic aperture system; 
- electron optics settings can be saved; 
- built-in scanning coils for STEM.

- in STEM mode, using high-angle annular dark-field (HAADF) detector: 0.135 nm (factory specification: 0.167); 
- transmission (TEM) mode information limit: 0.12 nm; 
- TEM point resolution: 0.25 nm.

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Specimen holder: 

- single-tilt holder for general use; 
- double-tilt holder, tilt range ±30°, low background, analytical holder optimized for EDS; 
- tomographic holder, ±80° tilt range.

- piezoelectrically controlled X, Y movement (step size 0.02 nm) for drift-free imaging.

Image recording, detectors: 
- high-angle annular dark-field (HAADF) detector; 
- birght/dar-field detectors on the optic axis; four, simultaneously collected STEM channels; 
- SmartCam digital search camera; 
- Ceta 16 Mpixel, 4k x 4k CMOS camera with a wide viewing angle, 16 bit color depth and 30 fps speed.

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Energy-dispersive X-ray analysis (EDS): 

- „Super-X” detector system with four Si drift detectors (SDD) built into the microscope column (each can be independently turned on and off); 
- solid angle of collection ≥ 0,9 srad; 
- 140 eV spectral resolution at the Mn Kα peak; 
- fast EDS mapping (10 µs dwell time/pixel).



Electron tomography:

- Automatic data collection for TEM tomography (automatic recording of tilt series, image matching and automatic focusing); 
- STEM tomography data collection (as for TEM); 
- software for data collection for EDS tomography; 
- Inspect 3D and Avizo software for the processing of tomographic image series and for 3D visualization. 


- VELOX microscope control software; 
- remote microscope operation.