Biology - Research Themes in Nanolab


Nanolab staff members work on their own research projects within the Environmental Mineralogy (EnvMin) Research Group - their research topics can be found here.


The themes below were brought to Nanolab by external users. Some of the topics overlap with the interests of EnvMin members; in these cases members of the EnvMin group are involved in the research, performing tasks beyond simple measurement service. 


Institution Research Group

Group Leader

(theme initiator)

University of Pannonia, Faculty of Engineering Institute of Environmental Science, Dept. of Limnology Judit Padisák, Edina Lengyel  Morphological characterization of algae     with silica scales 
Nóra Kováts, Zsófia Békéssy  Tracing atmospheric pollution particles in   plant tissues
University of Pannonia, Research Institute for Biomolecular and Chemical Engineering Translation Glycomics Research Lab András Guttman, Gábor Járvás  Morphological analysis of modified   Adenovirus capsids
CEA Cadarache, France Magnetotactic Bacteria Research Group Damien Faivre, Yeseul Park  Compositions, structures and cellular   positions of Cu-bearing inclusions in cells   of magnetotactic bacteria
University of Warsaw Institute of Microbiology Lucian Staicu  Bacterial biomineralization of Se and Pb -   characterization of nanoparticles
University of Bayreuth Department of Microbiology Dirk Schüler, Marina Dziuba  Identification of the structures of   magnetosomes in genetically modified   bacteria
Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest Department of Plant Anatomy Zoltán Kristóf, András Körtési 3D reconstruction of cellular organelles of leaves from electron tomography